Dansk Teak Tray With Bowl

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Dansk Teak Tray With Bowl 

Teak serving tray with bowl, 

in very good condition. 


The tray bottom is stamped:

Dansk International Design 

LTD, Malayisa IHQ. 

The round tray has a staved 

design, with a 1/4" raised

outside edge. 


There is a small round divot 

in the center. I have added a 

white bowl which fits into the 

center. The bottom of the bowl 

is stamped; Rosenthal, Germany, 

Cupola. Please see photo's. 


Teak Tray: 

12 1/2" diameter - 1/4" side edge lip

Inside Round Divot: 

4" diameter - 1 3/4" deep