Praying Women Figurine Hand Carved Religious Catholic Rosary

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Praying Women Statue 


Praying women statue, hand 

carved, in good condition. The 

wood is a hard wood as the 

carving is quite heavy. 


It has age appropriate hair line 

cracks which can be seen in the 

photo's. This does take away 

from the beauty of this piece. 


The wood has a red color cast and 

a beautiful grain. It looks to me to 

be rose wood, only a guess. 


The carving is that of a women, 

maybe a Native American or Nun 

kneeling with praying hands. Her 

facial features, hair piece, dress, 

praying hands and feet are very 

detailed carved. Please see photo's.



13 1/2" tall 

3 1/2" bottom base 

4" widest side depth front to back