Stoneware Pottery Ashtray Set Of 3

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Stoneware Pottery Cigarette Ashtray Set Of 3

Cigarette ashtray, set of 3, 

stoneware pottery, earth tone 

colors, in excellent new condition 

with no signs of use. 


The ashtrays were handmade 

on a potters wheel. The bottom 

of each one is signed, however 

I cannot make out the signature. 


The design of this set of ashtrays 

is quite unique. There are three 

different sizes; large, medium, 

and small. They each stack nicely 

into one another creating a nesting 



Each cigarette ashtray is a slightly 

different brown shade, creating 

pattern. Please see photo's.



Large Ashtray Holds Four Cigarettes:

8 3/4" outside top diameter 

6 1/4" inside top diameter 

6 1/2" bottom diameter


Medium Ashtray Holds Three Cigarettes:

6" outside top diameter 

3 1/2" inside top diameter

4" bottom diameter


Small Ashtray Holds Three Cigarettes:

5 1/4" outside top diameter

2 3/4" inside top diameter

3 1/4" bottom diameter