Sushi Bowl Japan Retro Ashtray

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Vintage Bowl or Retro Ashtray 


Vintage bowl, set of four, in

very good condition. There is 

a sticker on the bottom which 

reads: Asahi Made In Japan. 


The inside colors are, red, blue,

yellow, and black with the outsides 

being white. Please see photo's.


I do not know if the set was used 

as a hand held ashtray for a single

cigarette or if they are sauce dipping 

bowls with a spoon rest. 


You will have to look at the photo's 

to determine there function. 


There are no markings as to the

material. They look to be made 

of a porcelain with a glaze finish, 

only a guess. 



1 1/4" tall 

3" top diameter 

2 1/4" bottom diameter