Vintage Double Old Fashioned Tumbler Glasses With Tray

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Cocktail Glasses On Tortoise Shell Serving Tray 

Cocktail Glasses, set of six, 

with Vinyl Tortoise Shell Tray. 


The design on the glasses is in 

excellent condition and show 

no signs of wear. The bottom 

underside of the glasses, not 

on the edge does have a few 

small rough spots, however 

it looks to be from the factory 

mold. By no means does it affects 

the glasses, just thought I would 

mention it.

The gold, green, and aqua cocktail 

glasses have a art deco flair. The 

design is lemons and limes with 

aqua wavy lines. The brilliant gold 

looks to be 22 Karat, only a guess. 


The footed brown tortoise shell tray 

is vinyl with metal handles. The gold 

paint on the handles does have normal 

wear for vintage. The underside of the 

tray is a black vinyl, and has four rubber 

tabs. The tray holds six glasses. 

Please see photo's.


The cocktail glasses will retain there 

color and sparkle with minimum care. 

To bring out and maintain there rich 

luster use mild soap and warm water. 

Do not soak or put in the dishwasher.

Glass Measurements: 

4 1/4" tall

4" top diameter

2 1/4" bottom diameter

10 ounces

Tray Measurements: 

14" long handle to handle

9 1/2" wide front to back

1 1/2" tall to top of handles