Vintage Kilim Area Rug Carpet Turkish Handwoven Wool

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Antique Turkish  Kilim Area Rug


Antique Turkish Kilim area 

rug, rectangular, in very good 

condition with no wear. Please 

look at all the photo's to see the 

condition, woven method, and 

colors. Please see photo's. 


Told by antique dealer the carpet 

was Turkish made between the 

1940's to the 1950's, due to the 

method that it was handwoven 

and dyed wool colors. 


He said each wool striped row 

was individually hand dyed with 

natural pigments, creating the 

natural shade variations 

between the stripe colors.


Enough wool was hand dyed to 

create just one row. The colored 

strips were then woven together 

creating this gorgeous hand made 

striped wool carpet as well as the 

wool fringe. 


Due to the warm wool the carpet 

had many uses. It may have doubled 

as a wool blanket or even hung over 

a door or window to keep the cold out.  




103" long including fringe or 

87" long no fringe x  60" wide  


8' feet 7" inches long including 

fringe x  5' feet wide