Vintage Linen Napkin Set Southwestern

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Vintage Linen Set - Service For 6

Vintage yellow embroidered

linen set, 19 pieces, in new 



The entire set is embroidered. It

looks machine done, only a guess.  


There are 6 embroidered yellow 

napkins, beautifully folded into 

6 hand carved dark wood, steer 



The napkins were pre folded, so 

I did not unfold them to measure. 

Please see photo's.


Embroidered linen set: 19 Pieces

6 Steer head napkin ring holders


6 Embroidered yellow napkins

6 Embroidered yellow place-mats 

13" long x 10" wide

1 Large embroidered yellow place-mats 

19" long x 10" wide