Wallpaper Removal Tool Scraper Shaver - Replacement Blades

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4" Wallpaper Shaver - Five Replacement Blades


Combo Set includes:

Professional 4" Wallpaper Shaver 

with five extra blades.


The Wallpaper Shaver and extra 

replacement blades are needed 

when removing very difficult 

to remove, coated, sealed, or  

wallpaper which has been

painted over.



  1. Rust-Free nylon handle. 
  2. Reverse blade for safe storage. 
  3. Can be used right or left handed.  
  4. Strip wallpaper from plaster walls. 
  5. Angled head for maximum scraping power. 
  6. Snap-Lock blade clamp / no tools required. 
  7. Use the Wallpaper Shaver on coated, sealed, or painted wallpapers. 
  8. Wallpaper Shaver can also be used with the wallpaper scoring tool if necessary. 
  9. It also doubles as a great glass scraper. 
  10. 4" Wallpaper Shaver Replacement Blades

This Wallpaper Shaver and Blades are 

extremely sharp, always keep safety in 

mind when using these products.